Grading scale

10 You literally have written a book.
7-9 Expert, go-to person on this technology.
5-6 Solid daily working knowledge. Highly proficient
3-4 Comfortable working with this, have to check manual on some things.
1-2 Have worked with it previously but not much, or rusty.

I copied this grading scale from Ciro Santilli.

Programming languages

Grade Name Notes
4 C glibc, musl-libc
4 bash
3 python matplotlib, pandas, numpy
2 x86 assembly nasm, and some inline asm
1 rust no_std
1 fortran lapack for physics

Kernel programming

Grade Name Notes
2 filesystems / vfs few patches on real world filesystems
1 memory management have written an i386 toy MMU
0 scheduling
0 networking

Other technologies

Grade Name Notes
4 git
3 virtualization qemu, bhyve, kvm
3 containers docker, lxc
3 vim
2 monitoring, timeseries prometheus, grafana
2 debugging, profiling, tracing gdb, bcc, bpftrace
1 configuration management chef, puppet

Natural languages

last updated: may 2019